URNCST Journal Hosted Competition

The URNCST Journal offers a collaborative initiative to undergraduate organizations or associations at universities around the world called the URNCST Journal Hosted Competition. This initiative is designed to provide such undergraduate groups - with an interest in one or more science or technology disciplines - to host a virtual abstract competition, who would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. Undergraduate organizations and associations should have an idea of a theme for their competition as well as select the type of submissions they wish to accept (i.e. cases, research, etc.). The undergraduate group should also determine those eligible to make a submission, whether that be only general members, students from the affiliated university, or students from other universities, as three possible examples. The URNCST Journal will then provide the entire workflow needed to host this abstract competition virtually. This includes a submission portal, assistance with peer-reviewer assignment, and publishing and indexing of the university group's accepted submissions in a single published article.

We believe this initiative is valuable to both the competition participants as well as the leaders of undergraduate organizations or associations. A formally published article containing the accepted submissions of the abstract competition hosted by the undergraduate organization or association provides its participants with a publication recognizable by their peers, mentors and potential future supervisors. Furthermore, it provides the group's leaders (and future leaders) with the legacy required to further grow and advance their mission and provides the executive team with recognizable authorship on the publication.

Please download a copy of our URNCST Journal Hosted Competition flyer HERE.

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