Bi-ru Amy Yeung


iGEM Toronto is a multidisciplinary undergraduate research team at the University of Toronto, St. George campus, with a focus on designing and executing research projects in the field of synthetic biology. We are one of over 300 teams from across the globe that compete in the largest annual synthetic biology competition in the world, the Giant Jamboree, hosted by iGEM HQ in Boston, MA. With guidance from our graduate advisors, our team of undergraduate students independently design and execute a synthetic biology-based research project that not only involves work in the wet and dry lab, but also investigates the ethical and social implications of our research in society. We strive to promote this field of study, not often exposed to undergraduates, and provide the opportunity to conduct physical research at the university. Our collaboration with the URNCST Journal also allows our group to offer an opportunity to be published, a rare and valuable experience for undergraduate students. Altogether, iGEM Toronto has the goals of expanding the synthetic biology community in Toronto and encouraging the pursue of independent undergraduate research at the University of Toronto.  

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