Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am not an undergraduate student. Can I publish my research in the URNCST Journal?

The URNCST Journal’s mission is to showcase undergraduate research. First authors must be undergraduate researchers at the time the study was conducted (if you have since graduated and moved on, you are still eligible). Undergraduates and non-undergraduates may serve as any author other than first provided that they meet the journal’s authorship criteria. You may find it helpful to review the URNCST Journal's Aims and Scope.


Why should I publish my research in the URNCST Journal?

Each year, many undergraduate students spend may days, weeks or even months working on a research project, however, few ever have the opportunity to formally publish their work. The URNCST Journal team is comprised of graduate students, graduate and/or professional degree holders, and research faculty who are well aware that the final step in the research experience is as equally important as all the steps that preceded it, hence the URNCST Journal was created to provide undergraduate students with this valuable opportunity. Publishing your research in the URNCST Journal provides you, as the undergraduate student, with the necessary skillsets required to further your career as a future researcher.


Can I publish my research in the URNCST Journal if I didn’t have a supervisor?

In most cases, it is expected that an undergraduate researcher will have trained under the supervision of a research scientist at a university. For example, if you worked in a laboratory and used the materials there to conduct your research, it is required that your supervisor be an author on your manuscript. In rare circumstances where you completed a review on your own, without any supervision, you should acquire a supervisor to review over your methodologies prior to submitting your manuscript to the URNCST Journal. Please note that in case of acceptance, you are still responsible for acquring the funding associated with the article publishing fee.


Does it cost anything to publish in the URNCST Journal?

The URNCST Journal is a publication sustained by publication fees and limited advertisements. These funds are used to maintaining our open access system and server, peer-review, copyediting, and typesetting. As a newly launched journal, we are offering a promotional $100 discount off your first paper published in the URNCST Journal! Please be sure to read our Fee Schedule carefully and learn more about this promotional discount here. You should ensure that you have funding secured in case of acceptance BEFORE making a submission.


I have a great article that I’d like to publish in the URNCST Journal but I cannot afford the publication fee, what should I do?

Paying the publication fee out of pocket, even in the case of being a single author, should be your last resort. Prior to making a submission to the URNCST Journal, you should first consult your supervisor to determine whether s/he has available funds that they dedicate to open access journal publication fees. If your supervisor is agreeable to you making a submission to the URNCST Journal but does not have funding, you should speak to them about other funding opportunities and/or contact your department or institute for any available funding. Funding may also be available in the form of university-wide or regional research funds.


I am a graduate student, graduate and/or professional degree holder, or research faculty member who supports the publication and dissemination of undergraduate research. How can I get involved with URNCST Journal?

We are so glad that you support our cause! Please read more about how the URNCST Journal is governed and how you can join our team here.