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Science Atlantic Aquaculture & Fisheries and Biology (AF&B) conference is held annually by the Science Atlantic Biology committee in the conjunction of Aquaculture and Fisheries Committee, which allows undergraduate students to present their results of research. In various research projects, students have chance to make hypotheses on this project, design experi-ments to accept or deny their hypotheses using real research methods, analyze the data and then draw their conclusions. This particular learning style is vital in post-secondary biology learning, which has been well impregnated in biology programs at all universities in the Maritime. AF&B conference not only promote this learning style, but also help undergraduates in science communication. Every year, awards are granted to the students giving the best research presentations at annual AF&B conference. 2019 AF&B conference was held at Crandall University on March 8th-10th, which attracted science stu-dents from 13 universities in all Maritime Provinces of Canada to participate. The following are conference abstracts, which are categorized into three parts: oral presentation in biology, oral presentation in Aquaculture & Fisheries and poster presentation.

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