Mohammed Shamsul Arefeen Michael Schiller


The method of Continuous Integration (CI) enables developers to use fast-paced development environments, such as Agile, without the quality of code being compromised. The use of stable repositories on which developers frequently make small changes, running tests with each modification, results in code that is highly tested and readily deployable. GitLab, like other tools of its kind, offers CI features along with code versioning, and several team organizational features that correctly map with Agile artifacts. Before discussing GitLab, this report contains a literature review explaining existing CI practices, and it identifies fundamental aspects that are necessary to achieving the industry standards of CI. This report also evaluates GitLab’s effectiveness in maintaining CI standards using an available open-source project (OpenMCT), while also offering insight on the implications of the gathered findings. The paper concludes with possible directions of future inquiry, and also provides guidance on how one might expand on the work initiated by the team.

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Primary Research