Sayed Azher Keerat Grewal Harmy Thakar Shaun Jim


The legalization of marijuana in Canada raises many concerns regarding its consequences on the central nervous system. From being widely used as a medicinal remedy to now being used recreationally, this proposal aims to focus on an experiment that examines THC and its potentially detrimental effects on the brain, specifically in mice at-risk for schizophrenia. This proposal outlines a mouse model analysis of an analogue of THC that will be constructed using a knockout mice lineage in which the mice have a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia and lack the CB1 receptors responsible for binding THC. The resultant mice will undergo a grooming behaviour test and an elevated zero maze test which will then be compared with other experimental and control groups. This will allow for the direct observation of THC’s effects on the brain, providing insight on the consequences of the legalization of marijuana and its recreational use.

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Research Protocol