Nicholas Laflamme Rebecca Krnel Jasmine Candeliere Darius E. Stamatakos


Currently, very little scientific literature investigates the adverse health effects of pesticides found in cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis, regulation of pesticide usage must also be modified since these crops are not merely ingested, they are also smoked, creating new chemical compounds that are potentially harmful to the human body. That being said, research shows that the combustion of federally approved pesticides, such as fenvalerate, produces chemicals that are harmful when ingested, most notably hydrogen cyanide. This study will investigate the potential effects of the combustion products of fenvalerate when they are inhaled. By studying mice, we will investigate the potential effects of these products on their respiratory, digestive and muscular systems, as well as the potential effects on consumer health faced with long-term exposure to combustion by-products. Doing so will also enable the construction of a framework for determining adequate pesticides for industrial production of cannabis.

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