Neethu Pavithran Ankush Sharma Vedish Soni Umair Majid Jeremy Y. Ng


The Undergraduate Research in Natural and Clinical Science and Technology (URNCST) Journal Research Methods Primer is a novel undergraduate research design education opportunity available to undergraduate and professional-undergraduate degree students internationally. Applicants are invited to submit an abstract on a research method pre-selected by the journal and learn from a graduate-level researcher with expertise and interest in the research area. The three-month initiative is aimed at actively supporting and mentoring students as they navigate the complexities of research method theory and practice. The mentor and mentee(s) collaborate throughout the course of the program, culminating in the development of a full-length research methods primer manuscript of publishable quality. In this brief editorial, we provide an overview of how our editorial team successfully conceptualized, cultivated, and prepared for the launch of this initiative.

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