Ilakkiah Chandran Mahnoor Khan


The Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Students’ Association (PNDA) advocates on behalf of its members to the Department of Psychology at University of Toronto Scarborough and fosters academic excellence and career growth. PNDA provides academic and professional support by creating opportunities to interact and network with like-minded individuals while serving as a hub for all matters pertaining to the Psychology, Mental Health studies, and Neuroscience programs, thereby connecting members, students, faculty, staff, organizations, institutions, companies, and communities. The Academic Research Panel (ARP) is an annual event focused on fostering research and student engagement amongst UTSC students specifically in the psychology, neuroscience, and mental health studies programs. Each year the ARP is led by undergraduate students from PNDA providing students with a platform to network and showcase their scientific work. This booklet is composed of abstracts from the presenting undergraduate students. 

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Conference Abstract Book