Nichole Levesley Alexandra Calzavara Ata Heshmati Hannah Rajput Farhan Zahid


The Sixth International Undergraduate Research Conference on Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society (STMS): The Interaction of Science, Technology, Medicine, and Politics was held March 24-25, 2022. It was hosted by the University of Toronto’s History and Philosophy of Science Undergraduate Society (HPSUS) and the Institute for History & Philosophy of Science (IHPST). Student submissions examining the interaction between politics and science, including science policy, science funding, politicization of science and scientization of politics, political influences on science, as well as other topics regarding the mutual influence between science and politics were invited. These issues have been at the forefront of our lives recently with the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and constant technological advances including artificial intelligence. The virtual conference included slideshows accompanied by oral presentations from presenters with diverse disciplinary backgrounds from fourteen universities across four countries. Presentations were divided into five sessions: Technology & Epistemology; Politics & Science; Medicine, Mental Health, & Society; Technology & Data; and Education & Healthcare. In addition to undergraduate presentations, a keynote on “Public Trust in Science” was presented by Dr. Maya Goldenberg and a panel on “Science Policy & Funding” was held. The full program can be found at: http://tiny.cc/stms2022program.

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