Joyce J.Y. Xi Connor K. Elliott


Introduction: Racial minorities, including Black and Hispanic populations, suffer more postoperative hip surgery complications relating to fixations and replacements than White populations. The goal is to use CT scans and 3D projections to create a bone mineral density distribution model for these racial groups.

Methods: A preliminary trial of the proposed methods was conducted to ensure reliable data could be obtained. Semi-automatic segmentation of left femurs from decedents was done in 3D Slicer, followed by mean bone mineral density analysis.

Discussion: Preliminary trials show that the BMD processing pipeline gives viable results for sample groups of 5 CT scans. Future studies done with this research protocol will involve a larger sample size and the inclusion of machine learning extensions that will reduce the processing time of the CT scans. Confounding variables not considered in the preliminary trial will also be analyzed.

Conclusion: The use of the streamlined pipeline in conjunction with other imaging software could provide an alternative to bone mineral density imaging, as well as lead to the development of models for minorities with less representation in medical data.

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Research Protocol