Mohamed E. Elghobashy Amireza N. Goli Dorsa Shakeri Parmin Rahimpoor-Marnani


The 2022 Conference for Undergraduate Health Research (CUHR) was a 2-day academic conference for undergraduates to showcase their research work. CUHR 2022 was hosted by York University and welcomed 79 virtual oral presentations from 14 countries. CUHR aimed to promote interdisciplinary health research, by providing a platform to disseminate research works with implications for human health. CUHR's inaugural theme, Agents of Change, seeks to bring a group of next-generation health researchers as transformational leaders in science. CUHR accepted summer research, volunteer research, independent study, honours thesis, and internship projects. CUHR 2022 concluded on May, 28th 2022. For full itinerary of the 2022 CUHR, please visit http://www.uhre.ca.

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