Puisand Lai Mieke Lek Kavishalini Gurunathan Tyler Carmona


The theme for the 2023 Energy Nexus Case Competition was “The Future of Fuel”. In 2022, gasoline prices reached record highs in Ontario. Canadians use fuel for transportation, electricity, heating, and cooking, among other things. Given the volatility of fuel and our great dependency on it, what are some steps we can take to aide our dependency on fuel? The following abstracts were selected as the top three finalists amongst the delegates chosen for the Energy Nexus Case Competition taking place during the 6th annual McMaster Energy Week. McMaster Energy Week is Canada's first student-led energy week that aims to take the complex and multi-faceted  issue of climate change and present solutions towards building Canada's sustainable future. We are bringing together academia, industry, government, communities, and students to further the dialogue on Canadian environment and energy. For more information on this visit https://www.mcmasterenergyweek.com/ or email [email protected].   

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