Aashna Agarwal Neil Lin Anwar Abdi


The “Advocacy in Outreach” case competition hosted by BHSc Outreach at McMaster University encouraged students identify a salient healthcare issue in the Hamilton community and then develop an evidence-backed initiative to address it. McMaster students were challenged to assume the role of health advocates by practicing their community-oriented thinking and ability to creatively problem-solve for the benefit of others. Fostering this thinking among our future health leaders is important since Canadians face a diverse range of healthcare issues from gaps in accessibility to staffing shortages to growing health inequity. To embark on the path toward solutions, participants created abstracts that outlined their plans for raising awareness of a pertinent health issue or a community-level program that supports vulnerable populations. The following abstracts are well-considered proposals that aim to proactively address challenges and improve health outcomes in Hamilton. Through this competition, BHSc Outreach hopes to inspire students to take further steps to contribute to their community in the future.

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