Current and Accepted Research Methods Primer Participants

As part of the Research Methods Primer initiative, the URNCST Journal has developed a schedule and agreement that both mentor and mentee(s) agree to abide by, to ensure that enough planning, research and writing time is provided that the team can collectively and successfully draft a high-quality research methods primer manuscript by the end of a 3 month period. The journal divides the 3 month period into six “blocks”, as shown in the table below. Each block is comprised of a two-week period during which both mentors AND mentees are required to complete specific deliverables based on their respective roles. The first block will begin on the first day of Block 1 outlined below. In order to ensure that mentees are completing their deliverables in a timely fashion, at the start of blocks 2-6, a representative of the journal will send an email to mentors requesting an update on their progress or the submission of work completed to-date. Mentors should advise the journal as soon as possible, if they anticipate a delay in their own or their mentees’ completion of one or more deliverables at any given block. In the event that this happens, every effort should be made to complete this/these deliverable(s) from the previous block, in addition to all deliverables outlined in the next block. Failure to complete deliverables on time consistently may result in a mentees’ disqualification from the mentored paper. At any time, questions or concerns should be directed to


URNCST Journal Research Methods Primer Schedule: Round 1 (May to August 2022)



Timeline (Deliverables Due on Last Day of Each Date Range)

Block 1

(Weeks 1-2)

1. Hold introductory meeting (mentor and mentee), present slide deck to mentees and field any questions (mentor)

2. Provide mentee with feedback on their originally submitted abstract, i.e. what aspect(s) of the research method they understood well/may require clarification (mentor)

3. Discuss expectations/meeting schedule (mentor and mentee)

May 9 - May 22, 2022

Block 2

(Weeks 3-4)

1. Conduct literature search to identify relevant literature about the research method (mentee with guidance from mentor)

2. Compile list of potential references to cite in the final paper and develop an annotated bibliography, begin writing the manuscript (mentee)

3. Draft rough dot jot outline that describes the outline of the research methods primer including a short list of literature that could be cited in the final paper (mentor and mentee)

May 23 - June 5, 2022

Block 3

(Weeks 5-6)

1. Provide feedback on literature search/reference list and rough dot jot outline (mentor)

2. Finish writing Introduction & Utility sections of the manuscript (mentee and mentor)

June 6 - June 19, 2022

Block 4

(Weeks 7-8)

1. Provide feedback on Introduction & Utility sections of the manuscript (mentor)

2. Begin writing Challenges & Limitations sections of the manuscript (mentee)

June 20 - July 3, 2022

Block 5

(Weeks 9-10)

1. Finish writing Challenges & Limitations sections of the manuscript (mentee and mentor)

2. Provide feedback on Challenges & Limitations sections of the manuscript (mentor)

July 4 - July 17, 2022

Block 6

(Weeks 11-12)

1. Complete all final revisions/edits of the manuscript (mentee); at this point the mentor should ensure factual accuracy and revise sections written by mentees accordingly (mentor)

2. Format manuscript accordingly to URNCST Journal submission guidelines (mentee)

3. Review over formatted manuscript (mentor)

4. Submit manuscript (mentee)

July 18 - July 31, 2021