Personalized List of Researchers Service

At the URNCST Journal, we strive to be more than a publisher. In conjunction with a number of other research educational initiatives, we offer a service for students interested in seeking research opportunities whereby we provide a personalized list of potential academic research supervisors for you based on your specific research interests. This initiative is spearheaded by Dr. Jeremy Y. Ng, MSc, PhD, who is a healthcare researcher, an academic editor/publisher, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the URNCST Journal.

We envision that this service could benefit you, if you are one or more of the following:

1) An undergraduate (e.g., BSc, BEng, BA, etc.) or professional-undergraduate (e.g., MD, DDS, PharmD, OD, RN, etc.) degree program student) seeking a:

  • Volunteer/paid research assistant position
  • Co-op research supervisor
  • Senior thesis/research course supervisor
  • Graduate school supervisor
  • Supervisor who may be willing to collaborate with you to help you publish a manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal

2) A graduate student (e.g., Master’s, PhD) seeking thesis committee members and/or collaborators


Please note that you do not need to be a reader, author, or contributor to the URNCST Journal to order a personalized list of researchers.


Customization Requests

We conduct personalized searches tailored to your requests, based on your specific research interests (e.g., keywords), as well as where you seek the research opportunities (e.g., by country, by university/academic institution). At the present time, we offer this service to students from almost every country and university/academic institution.


I am interested! How can I receive my own list of personalized researchers?

  • Send us an email at, ensuring that you adhere to the following:
    • Ensure the subject heading is “Request for Personalized List of Researchers: [Your Full Name]”
    • Attach this intake form, ensuring that you have completed every section (Note: If you are unable to download the file, please re-try using the Firefox browser.)

Once we receive your email and intake form, a staff member from the URNCST Journal will review your form and may provide you with some suggestions or ask some questions to improve the quality of your personalized list of researchers. Once this process is complete, you will be sent an invoice that must be paid in advance of your personalized list of researchers being emailed to you. Please view our fee schedule below.


Fee Schedule

The generation of your personalized list of researchers is a fee-based service given the investment of time and staff training needed to conduct focused and specific searches and collect names, email addresses, and affiliations. When designing this service, we considered rates that we feel are both affordable and fair, and are based on the number of researchers (names, affiliations, and email addresses) extracted.


Number of Researchers (Name, Affiliation, and Email Address)

Rate (in Canadian dollars, excluding applicable taxes)


























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